HD Video Chat Makes Logitech Revue a Must

There's been a lot said about the Logitech Revue, the first Google TV product offering out the gate.  People are talking about what content will be available, and the price of the Revue ($299) compared to Apple TV ($99), and whether couch potatoes really want to do web searches while watching television.

But did you get a look at that video chat application?  It's gorgeous.  You can make a video call and see your friends and family in beautiful 720p HD video.  Well, you can if you, and they, buy one of Logitech's TV Cams.  The $149 Revue accessory has a Zeiss lens to keep the picture nice and sharp, and video compression right in the hardware supporting HD quality.

Logitech also has a video chat application for use with the Revue, or on any PC or Mac with a webcam, for that matter. Logitech Vid HD supposedly takes all the software fumbling out of making video calls.  If Logitech managed to make it easy, that would be a huge win for the technologically impaired.  Think of all the people who never learned how to set the time on their VHS recorders and you know who I'm talking about.

Logitech's own market research found that their users didn't talk as much about their hardware as they complained about how hard the software was to configure.  And if Vid HD is seamlessly integrated into the Revue, then you could call anyone else willing to download the same app, even if they don't own a Revue with the TV Cam accessory.

Video calls were always supposed to be coming to our telephones, but it looks like our TVs may be doing the job instead.  Besides, this way you can sit on the couch while talking.

Want to see Video Chat in action? Here's a video from Phandroid demonstrating Video Chat, using Google TV on the Logitech Revue.

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