Google’s Nexus One Lives On through Mobilicity

October 1, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Even though Google stopped selling their own phone, or supporting it, it seems that Canadian carriers are thrilled to continue selling it. Mobilicity is going to offer Nexus One unlocked for the price of $549.

But isn’t Nexus One a pretty old phone? Why are they going through the trouble? While Nexus One is one year old, it still has some life in it. Even though Nexus One didn’t get so much advertising, it’s still the best known Android phone among Android fans. The reason it didn’t sell so well in the beginning was because Google only ever sold it through their site, and people prefer testing it beforehand.

Now that it’s getting support from Canadian carriers, it should land in more people’s hands. After all it’s not like Canada has a ton of Android models with version 2.2 on them.