Google Throws Support Behind Motorola and LG Tablets. Leaves HTC for Last

October 20, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

HTC won’t be releasing any tablet soon, because Google has Motorola and LG on their priority list first. They will help Motorola build the first Android Gingerbread tablet, and then will help LG make the first Android Honeycomb tablet.

So why is Google leaving HTC for last? Well, maybe the fact that HTC is launching not one, not two, but five WP7 phones, which is half of the number Microsoft prepared for launch. Google might not be afraid of WP7, but HTC was a bit too quick to help Microsoft with their new OS, and they probably didn’t like that.

Another reason why Google would prefer to help Motorola, is because Motorola also helped them spread Android the fastest last year with the Droid, and they are helping them do it again with tablets. This still doesn’t explain why even LG gets priority before HTC. It could be because the new Android versions will be more optimized for the Tegra 2 chip, which both LG and Motorola admitted they would use in their tablets and phones.

What do you think is the reason why Google is leaving HTC for last in the tablet race?

[Via AndroidCommunity]