Google T.V. Website Is Alive!

October 5, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

With the upcoming Logitech event on Wednesday and Sony’s event for Google T.V. on October 12th it’s no surprise that Google has launched the Google T.V. website.  The site is very informative and interactive.  Showing potential buyers all that Google T.V. has to offer

I like the idea of android applications on my T.V.  Unfortunately that will be limited to only the preloaded apps.  Developers can choose to make apps. for Google T.V. next year.  Then again, if Google T.V. gets rooted before that we could see them sooner.

Some of my favorite features are the search bar, You tube on my T.V., Netflix and Pandora apps., and the compatibility with my phone.  You can use your Android phone as a remote!  Also if you find something cool on your phone or want to watch a video you can “Fling” it to your T.V. with the press of a button.

We will have to see what the general public has to say.  I personally think it is pretty awesome, if the function meets the hype.  Everything you do in your spare time from T.V. to the web on one 46″ or bigger screen sounds great.  The wait to find out what everyone thinks is almost over.  Check out the site yourself for more info.