Gamble REAL $$ with FULL TILT Poker coming to Android

October 16, 2010 - Written By Scott Beard

If you weren’t lucky enough to be a FULL TILT “Black Card” member, then you’re gambling habits will have to wait. Email invitations have gone out to those members giving them a BETA peak at what I’m sure will be another hit on Android. The app is currently being called RUSH POKER MOBILE and will be on devices running Android 2.2 froyo. I know there are plenty of poker games on the market so no big deal right? Well FULL TILT is looking to one up the rest of those apps by allowing the use of  what? REAL MONEY, that’s right, your hard-earned cash.  The poker app itself will be based on FULL TILT’s Rush Poker format, where players can fold hands right away and move to another table to be dealt back in. From Full Tilt:

It gives Android devices another advantage as Apple refuses to allow real money gambling via its app store

Below is a shot of the message that went out to those “Black Card” members, take a look and see if your device is supported and don’t let that money burn a hole in your pocket.