Galaxy Tab To Sport Gorilla Glass!


Would you do this to your phone?  Heck no, and definitely not after dropping a huge wad of cash on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Fear not, because we just found out that Samsung will be applying Gorilla Glass to all the Galaxy Tabs.  What is Gorilla glass, Wikipedia defines it like this:

Corning attributes the choice of Gorilla Glass superiority not only for "unparalleled damage resistance and protection" but:

  • "Thinner form factor: Gorilla Glass retains its performance advantage over standard chemically strengthened substrates even when used in thin form factors. Currently, Gorilla Glass is available as-drawn in thicknesses ranging from .5 millimetres (0.020 in) – 2.0 millimetres (0.079 in).
  • Pristine surface quality: Because it is formed using Corning's proprietary fusion process, Gorilla Glass offers the same high-quality pristine surface available with all of our high-technology display substrates. This feature offers the ability to use the glass "as drawn," eliminating lapping and polishing processes which can introduce surface damage.
  • Compliance with environmental standards: Gorilla Glass is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). It contains no heavy metals, making it an ideal component for devices engineered to meet environmental standards.
  • Compatibility with touch screen devices: Gorilla Glass can be used as a protective cover sheet for touch screen devices without impeding the functionality of the device. Reliable strength is important for these types of devices that function in response to pressure being applied to the glass.
  • Available with an easy-to-clean, wear-resistant coating: Customers can specify a version of Gorilla Glass with a special coating, making it easier to clean than other cover glasses. This is especially useful for devices that function by touch."

This stuff is showing up everywhere, from phones to tablets, and I think it's awesome.  Now if Corning could only scratch proof my car.

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