Dont Brick Your G2..Root Access Is Here, But Temporary


So you got your shiny new G2 and you are drooling with excitement and are stoked with Stock 2.2, but that's not enough and you want to ROOT your phone (already).  Well now you can, but do not go and Brick your phone, now the method is only temporary, but I triple dog dare anyone to try it (kidding) its even said it may unroot itself after reboot.

Now XDA makes some of the baddest mods, tricks and roms for Android phones (and yes we love that) so I am sure it is only a matter of days that the G2 thread in the "Think Tank" will be exploding with so many goodies your eyes wont be able to handle it.  Keep on those threads for updates and progress, and with the Desire Z having the same hardware the roms on both HTC phones will be able to work together (which is pretty sweet).


For now I am urging caution and if you do try to root your new toy, please let us know how it worked, after all we are a community and are all curious what each other is doing with our phones. With more and more people expecting to get a G2 T-Mobiles newest android device and )I personally am not impressed with yet), but it is promising and a cult phone classic phone and hope it great for all the G1 lovers.

So, those who are looking for some Sense on their G2 can expect a ROM relatively soon after the device has been rooted. Fist Pumps to that.

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