Do You Tango? New Video Chat App for Your Android


In a world where video chatting is the newest craze and having devices to be able to do this wonderful thing, it was only  a matter time before Face Time was replaced by something better.  Welcome to TANGO a new video chat app for your android phone, and yes you can even chat your iPhone friends as well.  Now this is the first release of this app, but many are already seeing great results compared to Qik and Fring (which have left people feeling rather empty).

Tango words over 3G, 4G and WiFi, and the video clarity is rather nice and Friends don't need to sign-up for accounts either; just download, save your profile, and send invites to your contacts to see who else has downloaded the app.  You can use both front and rear facing cameras and allows for easy switching between the two, we will see over time if connection and quality stay solid as more people jump on board and the servers bog down, but if TANGO is smart they will make room for such a situation.


There are bugs that need to be worked out, like a random pop open and unable to actually shut the program down and I have seen and heard this working on many devices and not working on devices.  Samsung phones are rocking it, as well as Nexus 1 and a few others while the Evo seems to be having the most issues and Force Closes, but I suggest you take a leap and try it yourself.  Some great things are you do not have to have a front facing camera to use this app,

there's no way to manually add contacts or dial friends, and the app doesn't allow you to sign-out in case you're not in the mood to receive calls. Once you register however, it creates a TANGO address book for you and will automatically add anyone that already has the service.

Download the app for free in the Android Market and test it for yourself. When a call comes in, it will initially be audio only. You must first click the Tango button for the video to turn on.


I give this app 1 Fist Pump up for now, so let us begin the TANGO

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