Could This be the Next Big Launcher for Android? Check out Slick UI

October 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Are you sick and tired of the stock Android launcher, ADW, or LauncherPro? Or are you also tired of the way Sense or TouchWiz looks? Then here pretty soon there is going to be another launcher for you.

It is called SlickUI, and let me tell you something it looks nice. It is based off the concept of a wheel. The wheel spins around and it will display the relevant information for that section.

The app drawer itself looks like it is based off the stock 2.0 drawer, but with an added layer of customization, you can drag and drop the icons in whatever order you want them to be in. Another cool feature it looks like is that if you just tap the drawer icon it will bring up four apps that you set there.

It looks exciting, but don’t get your hopes up yet of seeing this in the Market yet. It isn’t even in a beta stage yet. The developer tweeted this out yesterday

Don’t get too excited yet! Work has just started, so don’t expect anything that actually works soon. There is a lot of work to be done, and we really have to think this through if we want it to ‘feel’ right.

The images that you see below are as of right now only a mock up of what the developers would like the launcher to look like. I’m excited for this, how about you?

If you feel so inclined you can follow the development either on the twitter page or in the XDA thread.