Chrome OS Netbooks And Tablets Are Coming By the End of the Year


Chrome OS (and probably Android Gingerbread, too) is expected to be launched sometime next month, and it's coming to both netbooks and tablets. While we expected it to come to some netbooks, as promised a year ago, things weren't so certain about Chrome OS coming to tablets. There are 2 main reasons why things might get confusing once Chrome appears on a tablet.

1. Do people choose an Android tablet or a Chrome OS tablet? The advantage of Android over Chrome OS is pretty obvious – natives apps and offline access. But what is the advantage of Chrome OS over Android? Right now it's not so clear. Is the browser significantly faster? Do web apps work better in Chrome OS than in Android's browser? Will they be cached offline for faster browsing? So for example, if you visit a website once, and then you revisit it, will it load much faster because it only updates new data on the site, and loads the old one from the cache?


2. The second reason why Chrome OS might be confusing if it comes to tablets is the UI. Just like any other desktop application, Chrome is designed for a desktop OS, not for a touch OS. So will Chrome OS have a different OS on the tablet? It better have it, because otherwise it would be no better than Windows 7 apps on a tablet.

Either way, the Android/Chrome OS event this year should be very exciting and with a lot of nice surprises, and I can't wait for it.

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