Bounty Has Been Put Out for Full G2 Root


All right all you G2 owners; I've got some news for you. Surfing around on XDA the other day I found this small little thread about a bounty for the first one (or group) who gets NAND Unlocked and thus perma-root on the G2.

According to the XDA post the rules are simple:

  • Full root and full NAND unlock
  • No kernel module to load each time to get root. Basically must be permanently rooted (thus making it stick on reboot)
  • Must be user friendly
  • No SD Card Roms / Roots

Right now the bounty is sitting at $701 total with $461 already collected and $240 with verbal confirmation.

This all came around from the fact that both the New American Foundation and T-Mobile itself said that the G2 is basically unrootable, that is really when the modding community took off and they are bound and determined to get permanent root on this phone.

If you are feeling adventurous check out the #g2root in they are really going hard at getting full on root and NAND unlock on this phone, and I completely understand why, there has yet to be a phone that the hacker community for Android has yet to break.


Click here to check out the thread.