Big day for T-Mobile means more of your money!


Everyone wants some of your hard earned money and this November 3rd will be no different. All you tether freaks who just love T-Mobile's free tethering are going to be highly disappointed when on that very day T-Mobile will launch an all-new tethering plan. What does this mean to T-Mobile customers? Those of you who like to tether for free will need to pay an additional $14.99 for the service on T-Mobile's network on top of a data plan (which also costs money I might add). In order to qualify for the new plan you'll need either a 3G or HSPA+ enabled device.

Not only will they be launching that but they'll also be dropping two new data plans one, a 200MB plan for $10 a month. Going over the maxed 200MB (trust me this won't be hard) will cost you 10 cents/MB with about $30 max in overage fees. Those of you who devour data might want to grab the unlimited plan which will hit your pockets for about $30 dollars and $25 if you don't want a contract. Both plans will receive a text message when you hit 5GB and will also experience speed reduction at that mark. Those slower speed won't reset until the next billing cycle either, but users will be able to track their data through the My T-Mobile site or MyAccount Android app.


November 3rd will be a big day for T-Mobile because on that very day you will be able to get are hands on the Motorola DEFY, LG Optimus T, and the T-Mobile Coment. Oh and wait let's not forget the myTouch 4G (who could forget that?) which was confirmed for release on November 3rd by two separate leaks. So, I plan on grabbing that myTouch 4G (eventually) what about you? Let the folks here at know what your opinion is about the new data plans and which new T-Mobile phones your looking forward to?


Here is the actual statement released by T-Mobile (in case you cared):


On November 3rd, T-Mobile will launch a tethering and Wi-Fi sharing add-on feature.  This feature will allow customers to use their phone as a modem, enabling them to connect a computer or Wi-Fi capable device to the Web using our 3G or HSPA+ network.


By adding this add-on feature, which will cost $14.99/month, customers will gain access to the Web when they are on the go and wherever T-Mobile has coverage.  Although most customers will use their laptop to access our network through their device, they will also be able to connect using any Wi-Fi capable device, like gaming devices, non-T-Mobile tablets like the iPad, and music players. Customers can make the phone-as-modem connection using a USB cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi sharing.


  • Customers must have a 3G or HSPA+ compatible device to utilize the Tethering/Wi-Fi sharing feature.
  • Customers must have an Unlimited Web feature with an MRC of $19.95 or higher.
  • Customers must add the $14.99 Tethering/Wi-Fi add-on feature.
  • This is a separate add-on feature and in addition to the Unlimited Web feature.
  • Available for postpaid and FlexPay customers. Note: FlexPay customers will need to change their Unlimited Web feature in order for the new tethering add-on feature to work.

Right fitting:
Tethering/Wi-Fi sharing will be ideal for customers who:

  • Need occasional access to the Web using a PC or other device.
  • Want a connection to the Web on-the-go, wherever T-Mobile has coverage.
  • Don't see the need or want the expense of a complete mobile broadband experience, like T-Mobile's webConnect.  Note: customers who intend to use their laptops to access the Web frequently, or use a high amount of data, should consider a webConnect plan.

Additional Details:

  • Customers who purchase a T-Mobile mobile broadband product like the upcoming Galaxy Tab should activate with a webConnect plan to ensure the best experience.
  • The set-up process will be determined by the type of device customers own and will be different for every manufacturer.
  • The data accumulated while tethering will count towards customers' 5GB data speed reduction threshold limit.
  • Because T-Mobile Terms & Conditions have not permitted tethering in the past, those customers who have configured their device for tethering will receive a message on their handset advising them they will need to add the new add-on feature to continue using their device as a modem.


  • Be aware dealers can begin selling the Tetherng/Wi-Fi add-on feature beginning November 3.
  • Review the Grab & Go for additional information.
  • Beginning November 3, refer to policy pages: T-MobileNews > In-Store Polices and Procedures  "

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