Android Market Hits Another Milestone, 100,000 Apps

October 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The Android Market today crossed another huge milestone, with crossing the 100,000 app threshold. It was tweeted out this morning by the twitter account AndroidDev.

If you would like to put this all into perspective just last year arguably the most popular Android device out yet hit store shelves, the Motorola DROID. Even though the T-Mobile G1 has been out now for two years, it wasn’t until the DROID hit that Android really took off and became a direct competitor against the likes of the iPhone and the popular Blackberry devices.

When the DROID launched the market was only at around 20,000 apps, so if you do the math quickly within the past year that is a 500% increase in app development.

Even though the Android Market still trails Apple’s App Store by about 150,000 apps, with the recent App Inventor that Google released I have great confidence that the app developers for Android will continue to make quality apps that are going to be available to a wide range of people all around the world.

For the time being though, let’s just relish in this recent milestone and send a thank you tweet to the developers within the Android Community that made this all possible.