And Froyo Waits Yet Again For Galaxy S…

October 21, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

It’s like a long-lost love story, you have a Galaxy S Phone and Froyo is in reach, then it just magically fades away.  I know this is frustrating, upsetting and heck it might make you want to brick your phone or flash a rom and be done with it.  I have a Samsung Vibrant and will wait even longer for my 2.2 (Please Note: Sad, Angry Face).

So Samsung and well call them Sammy for short, announced that Froyo will be Re-Released in November and all Operator Versions will get 2.2, just make sure to update your Kies (and hope it works right), I personally think OTA is much better, and I have had no issues with updates that way.

We had the Source Code and had the update in hand, only to be teased with it like a movie trailer for Harry Potter or Transformers, so now we will settle with 2.1 if we must.

Til we meet in November Froyo….until then no Fist Pumps for you!