Amazon Waives $99 Dev Fee, That Means Good Things for You!

So Amazon is trying to be the next Market Powerhouse for the Android Community and is being smart by Waiving the $99 Fee for Developers.  So what does that mean? well that means (good things) plus you keep some of that coin in your pocket or to help further expand your app'ness.

They have begun recently sending out emails about waiving the fee, and really want more developers on board to expand there market not only for you, but for all of us in the Android World (after all we are taking over).  This should perk the interest for many and it is unknown if this is a "Limited Time" only deal or will last for sometime, but I would not be waiting for the mothership to stop by and pick you up, jump on board and get to work while you can.

This is the email that is being sent out:

"We are pleased you joined the Amazon App Store program and as a token of our appreciation, you will not be required to pay the $99 program fee for your first year of participation in Amazon's App Store program. Program fees for subsequent years will be due on the anniversary of the date you accepted the App Store Distribution Agreement"

This seems and feel like a great deal, but I have recently seen comments from (unnamed) developers, that you are only getting this email if you are already signed up with Amazon, plus price control is a huge factor not to mention the so called restrictions. This has many tentative and gun shy at the moment, but hopefully Amazon can sort this out and make everyone happy.

You get free Marketing for your App and that my friends is a great thing, and deserves Fist Pumps and let us hope the community backs up the ever growing Market Race we have going.

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