Adobe AIR App hit’s the Android Market

October 8, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

That’s right folks, Adobe (AIR) is here and for those that do not know its Adobe Integrated Runtime.  This is going to bring a whole new Platform for the Devs to work on and develop great Apps and bring to multiple platforms all for our entertainment and wonder.  There are no specific Apps (just  yet), but there soon will be.

For now the Adobe is Air is just the Runtime App, but in the not so distant future there will be great Apps being launched into the market and ready for download just like other Apps are now. You do need Froyo (2.2) to download the App and for many that is nice, but for those stuck on 2.1 your gonna have to wait a big longer.

So download, wait and have fun there will be Demos soon, so Fist Pumps to that.