World Round Up: Tablets and 3G in India – HTC Party in London


Now that's what I call future thinking.
We've been following the tale of the $35  (Rs.1,600) tablet since the Indian Department of Education announced the subsidised device for the subcontinent's 800,000 graduate students back in July. Now, thanks to Noida based HCL Technologies, The Sakshat 7 inch Android tablet (pictured) has a release date of January 2011. Some websites (mentioning no names, SlashGear) have made cheap jokes about the name but it is in fact a Hindi word meaning 'the epitome' which I think is rather a nice name for a handset and I doubt  it will raise many laughs from the impoverished students who benefit from what is one of the smartest government initiatives I have come across.

Akai see opportunities in India
All the attention and good press that Android has been receiving in India has led Japanese giant Akai to plan up to three 3G Android handsets for India by early next year. The secret to selling smartphones in India, it seems, is to keep prices below Rs.10,000 ($215) and Akai have done their sums  and think they can do this with room to spare, anticipating juicy profits from the venture. What would be nice would be to see big companies like Akai set up manufacturing in India too – there being nothing quite like a job to lift someone out of poverty.


HTC mystery party
Enough social bloody commentary – its party time
According to a new and rapidly growing Facebook page, HTC are planning a mysterious event on the evening of the 15th (September) in central London. The Chinese corporation are billing it as a party and are promising music, booze and give-aways. The reason behind the event is being kept "secret" by HTC so no hint of a publicity stunt then? You won't catch me queueing for hours on a Wednesday night on Turnmill Street but if it turns out to be anything more than a stunt you can be sure we'll let you know.

Columbian tablet planned
Columbian company Compumax are announcing a 7 inch tablet running a dual core 1GHz processor and Android 2.1 that should retail at Neuvo Sol1,090  ($380). No comment on dates yet but when we know, you'll know.