World Round Up: Galaxy Tab UK Price Drop – Vodafone Bloatware Misery – Desire Farce Continues – Dell Update Delay


Galaxy Tab price less sky high
We reported yesterday that the first news of a UK price for the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Tab was Amazon's November 1st offer of £679.99 ($1.235). However, no sooner than the ink had dried on the page – or whatever it is it does nowadays – Amazon changed their minds and lopped off a whopping great 80 quid bringing the price down to £599.99 ($1080)! We still have to wait until November mind.

They never learn
Slodafone is a word I have now added to my dictionary, I am typing it so often. Slow on the uptake, it seems, because after the bloatware debacle with their UK HTC Desire users, they've done the self-same thing again: this time clogging up their Galaxy S customers' memory via an OTA update of the dreaded 360 apps package that so enraged their Desire customers.


Clearly Slodafone know how upset users were at the pointless and undeletable demos and shortcuts – obviously they just don't care.

vorsprung durch technik
As they say in Germany. After the distributing of a German Froyo update to British HTC Desire users, T-Mobile UK are producing what they are calling a "maintenance patch" to fix the problem. What are the chances its just a link to Google Translate?

Dell Streaking to a halt
O2 have had to suspend their Android 2.1 update for the big-phone-little-tablet Dell Streak due to some technical difficulties with the firmware. Dell say they will have the problems, which are based around potential vulnerabilities in the firmware, all sorted in the next two or three weeks. Let's hope they fix it so we can play .wmv files.

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