World Round Up: Galaxy Tab Down Under – HTC Desire O2 Offer and Update


Galaxy Tab in Australia and Italy
I just read that the second most wanted tablet was the wonderful Samsung Galaxy Tab That's not right, not right at all. The excitement that apple generated about their tablet has all but died down and I don't think the fact that in Australia a Galaxy Tab will set you back nigh on a grand suggests otherwise. No one thinks of Android as a poor man's apple – not any more and the price is about right for what is a top-notch gadget. Australians have really taken to Android over the last few months and a cursory glance at various forums there show what a tech-savvy bunch they are. I can't see any of the carriers down under shying away from the Tab and surely they will make comparable offers to most Italian carriers with contracts as low as €29 ($40).

Free HTC Desire just $420
Dialaphone are actually a jolly good online retailer and I've bought several phones from them, but they still seem to think that they can charge you £360 ($425) for an HTC desire and call it free. Do people still fall for that? Or do they think "18 month contract, times £20 a month, that's 360 pounds, thank God the handset doesn't cost anything!" I'm being rather mean here, it is a contract with O2 that includes 100 minutes and unlimited texts and they do have a very good gadget helpline.

Also worth noting is that O2 have now fixed their Froyo (2.2) Desire update, after having to pull it earlier this month, and by all accounts it works just fine.

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