World Round Up: Europe and the Far East – Galaxy Tab, Identity Tab, Dell Streak


South Koreans gain new Identity
We told you a couple of weeks back about a 7 inch tablet called the Identity, due to be launched in South Korea. Well here it is in all its glory. And its lovely, don't you think? Inside that polished shell, made by Korean company Enspert, lies 8GB of storage, 1GHz of processor power and a chip for watching mobile TV – not to mention motion, sound and light sensors and a neat little social networking package. Available from carrier KT as of today for around KTW1,500 ($25) a month.

Galaxy Tab hits Europe
Usually slow off the mark, Vodafone Europe, or Slodafone as I prefer to call them are uncharacteristically first when it comes to bringing the wonderful Samsung Galaxy Tab to Europe. Model GT-P1000 could be on sale in Europe as early as the 1st of October. Which is a whole week earlier than competitor O2's planned launch. There isn't much you don't already know about the Galaxy Tab I'm sure, so I'll just say one thing – it has everything – oh, except WiFi.

For once Vodafone cannot be faulted but if they think that this means they are forgiven for the warranty and unofficial middleware fiasco then they are wrong, but this is a step in the right direction. O2 Germany are quoting €700 ($900) contract-free with an array of contract and data bundles that would set Einstein's mind spinning. As with most phone contracts, once you add it up, it works out about the same, but who cares, I'd sell my grandmother for a Galaxy Tab.


Dell Streaks ahead in Europe
Finally, not quite a tablet in everybody's minds but the handsome Dell Streak is getting its much awaited 2.1 Operating System update this week – if you're with O2 that is.