WeTab – MeeGo Tablet with support for Android apps, WOW!!!

September 18, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

For those who do not know, MeeGo is a joint project by Intel and Nokia that was made public to the world in the month of February.

WeTab is a tablet developed in collaboration by 4tiitoo and Neofonie and it took them 4 years to make this tablet. The CEO of 4tiitoo mentioned that early prototypes used to run on Ubuntu platform.

The MeeGo operating system is an open source Linux project, which is a combination of Intel’s Moblin project and Nokia’s Naemo project.  It is able to provide flexible UI and application environments, allows you to do practically anything with it, and supports all popular file formats.  It also manages to do this while working with a number of graphical and processor optimizations, meaning it is not only extremely open but also very fast.

The company says that the WeTab can boot in 16 seconds and comes out from sleep mode as fast as 1 second.

The WeTab folks are supporting apps through the WeTab “Meta-Store,” which integrates multiple stores for the supported app platforms. It hasn’t provided details concerning how this works exactly, but if it truly handles apps from the Android Market, that would be a big plus for WeTab owners.

The tablet will come in 2 versions, one with Wi-Fi and the other is with both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The first is equipped with 16 GB of flash storage and will cost 450 Euros; the second one is equipped with 32GB of flash storage and will cost 570 Euros. Both runs with an Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz CPU, one of the more high-powered processors in this range and include 1GB of RAM and 2 USBs. it delivers up to 6 hours of runtime in one charge, the screen is  11 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768. Both versions of the WeTab have a HDMI port. The Wi-Fi version has a software playback capability of 720p. The 3G version has a Broadcom crystal chip with hardware acceleration that supports 1080p.


11.6 inch multi-touch color screen

1366 x 768 resolution

Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor

1GB of RAM

16/32 GB internal memory

1.3MP webcam

2 x USB

card reader

SIM card

Audio output

Multi-pin connector

ePub/TXT/Mobipocket/WeBook premium

Bluetooth 2.1 EDR

802.11 a/b/g/n

Optional 3G


Ambient light sensor

Accelerometer sensor