Verizon Dual Screen Samsung Continuum Android SmartPhone Appears


Do not start drooling just yet, you are looking at the Samsung Continuum a Galaxy S phone for Verizon (at least they hope so).  Little is know about this phone, but rest assured if its as hardware pleasing and eye pleasing as the other Galaxy S Series we are all in for a treat.

So what is different about this phone? well at first look Dual Screens, yes you read that right Dual Screens.  What does that mean exactly well we can all hope for longer battery life, the bottom screen will give you weather, updates and RSS feeds and notifications all while not having to unlock or use the big old screen above (fist pumps to that).


The bad thing, the home keys and back keys are in the middle of the two screens so this is going to be a hit or miss with many crowds.  Now from what I have read and you can see from the pictures, this phone is long and I mean long so break out the cargo pants or bug purses for many of you (yes it will still fit in your pocket just fine).

This phone will be multitasking at its finest, and I am sure whatever carrier gets this hopes for a deal and not a dud, I for one am curious to check out this phone in person, and maybe I am bias to Samsung, but I give this phone two Fist Pumps up.

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