Two Samsung Fascinates for the Price of One?

September 7, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Well it looks like those who have waited patiently for Verizon’s Galaxy S phone are going to be rewarded in a big way.  According to a new picture leak the Samsung Fascinate will be part of Verizon’s ever popular BOGA sale event.  So for the price of just one Fascinate ($199.99) you will be able to get two of them, provided there is no fine print that will keep you from doing that.  So if you’ve been thinking about jumping ship to Verizon but hesitant then this should give you good enough reason to make that jump.  Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones has been wildly popular and highly praised and I am willing to bet that this phone will be no different.  So  how many of you are going to be taking advantage of this sale?