The Wait is Over: 2.1 Android Update for Roger's HTC Magic Arrives


After the long dreadful wait that lasted more than a year, Roger's users that own the HTC Magic are finally getting Android 2.1. Users have been protesting and complaining about this since the release of Eclair. "RogersMary has confirmed on Twitter that the update will begin going out OTA (Over The Air) today."  There is no guarantee when it will be sent to your phone, but you can get it right now by checking for it manually. Many users on Twitter are already started downloading. Some users are reporting difficulty with the update. Users are reporting that they are getting a, "Triangle with an ! in it, next to a phone symbol" displaying on screen part way through the update. We've asked RogersMary about it. RogersMary suggests that users with update issues should contact Tech Support. Also some users are reporting an error that there is not enough space for the update to install. Apparently the min free space required for the update is 25 MB. From Twitter

If you have not updated your Magic software to the latest version please proceed with previous update Here . For users who have updated to the latest software, you will be able to update your phone over-the-air (OTA). To update the software over-the-air, from the Home Screen, press MENUSettingsAbout Phone System Software Updates > Check Now. The over the air update should retain most user data. This software update is intended for the HTC Magic for Rogers only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage. Please note that during the update process, the device will be Hard Reset and anything that is NOT part of the Operating System (contacts, calendar, music, etc) will be permanently deleted; always make a point of backing up your device's data on a regular basis!


What's included:

  • Android ‰clair 2.1
  • Google Navigation (Web-based Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance)
  • Voice activated dialing

The HTC Magic is designed to check for a Firmware updates every 14 days. This is done automatically. It is possible to check for update by going through SettingsAbout PhoneSystem Software updateCheck Now. The firmware update is also designed to retain user information. Most user information will be retained. However, we still recommend you perform a back up before you proceed with the update. A Micro SD card is necessary for the update to work. You will notice that your Scene and home screen layout has changed. This is by design.

On the 14th day, if a software upgrade is available, you will get the following message:


"A system update is available, would you like to download the following system software"

Note: This is a data intensive update, if don't have an unlimited data plan we suggest you perform the download using Wi-Fi

You will have the option to download the software Now, or download when you connect to Wi-Fi, or cancel. If you cancel, the device will check again in 14 days.


1. Assuming you have chosen to download the software now or with Wi-Fi you will be prompted when the download is complete and ready to install.

2. You will be prompted to Install Now, or Install Later. Choose Install Now. If you don't want to install the software immediately, you can Install Later. The install option will always be in the notification bar.

3. The device will power into a screen with 3 android icons at the bottom and the software update will begin. The software update takes approximately 10-15 minutes


4. You may notice that during the update process, the progress bar might remain still for a period of time. This is normal. Once the installation is complete, the phone will reboot and your update will be complete.


What happens if the downloading breaks in the middle?


The download manager is capable of resuming a download. If the downloading is interrupted because of data connection down, or user turns off device, the download will resume as soon as the next time getting the data connection back.

What happens if the installation breaks in the middle?

The FOTA installation is performed in the Recovery mode; there is no way for users to interrupt the process unless the device runs out of battery. In such cases the device can still reboot into Recovery mode and restart or resume the installation when the battery is back.


What is the FOTA behavior in roaming mode?

In roaming mode if the data connection is through 3G/GPRS, all check-ins and downloads will be blocked. If Wi-Fi connection is available then the checking and downloading can still work.

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