The Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Fail Due to Carrier Contracts?


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first Android tablets we have seen come along that really has the potential to be capable of challenging the Apple iPad. The specs that are on the inside, and from what we've seen on  initial hands-on reviews, but the burden of the infamous mobile carrier contracts may seal the deal and cause  unfortunate negative fate of the Samsung tablet before it even launches. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was unveiled at IFA in Germany last week, and it is set to launch first in Europe. Initial reports of pricing, though, are not encouraging. In Sweden, the Galaxy Tab will retail for the equivalent of nearly $1250 USD, while the price reported from O2 in Germany places it near $1000 USD. This is nearly $200 more than the top-end 64Gb iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G. There is good news and bad news for those in the United States anxiously awaiting the Android-based tablet. Also more good news is that the Samsung tablet will be offered through wireless carriers, subsidized like a smartphone. The bad news is that the Samsung tablet will be offered through wireless carriers, subsidized like a smartphone.

So the Samsung tablet will be offered for a much more reasonable and affordable price when it is launched here in the United States. What would make sense and a theory that seems plausible is that all four major ones. Just as it does with the Galaxy S series of smartphones.In the end the pricing will unfortunately come with the added burden of a contractual commitment for service. Most likely a two-year agreement. Keep in mind too that–depending on the carrier–the cost and limitations of the data plan can vary greatly. With the iPad, 3G service can be purchased from AT&T on a contract-free, as-needed basis. Look at the bright side though; the iPad may not have front and rear-facing cameras, or an SD memory card slot like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it comes with something better–freedom from wireless contracts.



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