The Revolution of Keyboard Input Coming Very Swift-ly… with SwiftKey


Regular QWERTY keyboards was the beginning. There have also been innovations into the standard QWERTY keyboard such as multi-touch. Recently there have been different takes on input such as a thing called Swype, but its time for the revolution and the next step in this change would be predicted typing. Swype-ing  does work well but what if you only had to type one of two letters and you word was typed for you. SwiftKey does that for you.

SwiftKey brings the future of text entry to smartphones and also on Android devices. It uses TouchType’s breakthrough Fluencyâ„¢ technology to predict the next word you want to type, before you even press a key. To sum up what SwiftKey really is in three words would be: Fast, Accurate, and Intelligent. With the SwiftKey keyboard, your next word is predicted with such incredible accuracy that a third of suggestions are right first time and usually you won’t need to press more than two letters. SwiftKey uses advanced error correction, meaning grammar and spelling errors are a thing of the past. Typing with SwiftKey produces text you can rely on, in a fraction of the time it takes on a regular QWERTY keyboard. SwiftKey doesn’t just predict regular words – it learns as you type and remembers how you write. As words and sentences are chosen over time, its Fluencyâ„¢ engine creates a dynamic understanding of your writing style to boost the accuracy, fluency and speed of prediction.

One of the that this keyboard can do is the forthcoming introduction of inline multiple language support, where the app detects the language being typed (out of two) and begins to in-line predict in that language, which is really useful for our bilingual users. SwiftKey hopes to have it ready for the official launch.

Languages supported

SwiftKey currently supports the following nine languages:

  • US English
  • UK English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

Gesture support

SwiftKey offers support for the following gestures:

  • Swipe down minimizes the keyboard
  • Swipe left deletes the previous word
  • Swipe up shifts to upper case

As of now SwiftKey is a beta and can be downloaded free in the Android Market. They will be launching the official paid version of the app on September 23rd, where it will be $0.99 for a week, and $3.99 thereafter. There will be two versions of the keyboard – the paid version, and a trial version. The trial version will only work for a limited time period, which we’re yet to set exactly, but it will be at least a week and no more than 30 days. Does that revolutionize the keyboard enough for you? Head over to SwiftKey’s download section to try it out for yourself. This is my default keyboard that replaced Swype and it does a wonderful job predicting my text. It really is amazing how accurate this keyboard is.

Here is a Video Comparing the KeyBoard to the conventional Android Keyboard on a Nexus 1:

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Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News