Tegra 3 Is Almost Done, Working on Tegra 4 - Says Nvidia CEO

We haven't even seen much of Tegra 2 and it seems Tegra 3 is completed, and Nvidia has already started working on Tegra 4, according to Nvidia's own CEO.

Now, Tegra 2 sounded very impressive since they first started talking about it a year ago, with a dual core Cortex A9 at 1 Ghz each core, Geforce 9 graphics, and a bunch of other specialized cores to make a very energy efficient chip. This is why pretty much all Android tablet manufacturers have adopted it.

The problem is we've yet to see one actually launch with a Tegra 2 chip. Perhaps we're just too anxious and we can't wait more, but perhaps it's their fault also for announcing it so early and raising people's expectations so much.

One thing I'm also disappointed Nvidia didn't pursue more is smartphones. I was really looking forward for a Tegra 2 phone but the only one that's coming soon is a WP7 LG phone, and I'm not getting LG or WP7. If we have to wait by summer for a quality Tegra 2 phone, then we might as well get a Samsung Orion phone or just wait a few more months for a Tegra 3 phone. However, if it's really going to take them another year to start appearing in products then we won't see a quality phone with Tegra 3 until early 2012, and round and round we go.

I still wish they wouldn't try to create buzz for their products 1 year ahead of product launch, because it makes some people wait for it, but it also disappoints many others for taking so long to appear on the market.

[Via Engadget]

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