T-Mobile G2: Can it Swim with the Big Fish?

Blake over at IntoMobile asks if the G2 can compete with the likes of the HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, or Motorola DROID X.  Good question, given that most of us still haven't seen one up close and personal.  But we can look at the specs, and we can look at the carriers they're tied to.

Oh sure, the G2 is a great Android smartphone given what else T-Mobile has available. It's a step up in almost every way from its predecessor, the G1.   Does the G2 offer anything new we haven't seen before, other than 3 assignable "quick keys"?  Will the 800 MHz CPU keep up otherwise with the three 1 GHz bad boys above?  Would the G2's faster graphics processing do the trick?  Or will the fun folks over at XDA Developers have this phone rooted and overclocked to 1 GHz since the Qualcomm Scorpion CPU can supposedly handle it?

And what does this phone have that the heavy hitters don't?  Not everything has been announced yet.  What would make it better than the two 4G phones above, or the DROID X that hasn't already been precluded by the specs we know about?  Well, the others don't all have Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) yet, while the G2 should be released with Froyo freshness.  So one question is which happens first: release of the G2 or operating system upgrade for the left-behinds?

If this is the best Android handset you can find on T-Mobile, is T-Mobile the carrier you want to use?  HSPA+ for now will put the G2 ahead of everybody.  T-Mobile is first with the higher "4G-like" speeds, and the G2 is the first handset to run it.  Sure, AT&T and Verizon are rolling out their 4G (nothing "like" about it) soon enough, and Sprint can upgrade to LTE without changing their current equipment.  So you'll be ahead of the other services for a bit, and then the others will leapfrom T-Mobile in the bandwidth game.

And if you love stock Android, G2 is going to be the only game in town again, if you can't find a Nexus One (which they aren't making any more of).  Techies love the experience without the user interface getting in the way, but wouldn't more mainstread users want some handholding?

Opinions?  Share them here.

Source: IntoMobile

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