Swiftkey No Longer Beta!

September 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

I feel deeply in love with Swiftkey within five minutes of just playing around with the app. If your reaction is anything like mines when using Swiftkey then what I’m about to say will be music to your ears. Swiftkey is no longer in beta, the full version is now available in the Android Market for £0.60 which is about 94 cents. However, that’s only for a limited time during the promotional period. For those of you who have no prior knowledge of Swiftkey  its one of the many keyboard replacements on the Android Market. What makes this particular replacement special is that it has the ability to predict what your about to text based on what you’ve already typed. The application also learns as you type using what they are calling the Fluency Prediction Engine.

This incredible app has more than 100.000 after just a few days of its release. Here is a video demonstration of the device working its magic. If your just as skeptical as many of us were upon hearing about this keyboard replacement check out this video. If after watching this video your still wondering what all the hype is about try downloading the app yourself.