Survey Says Android Tablets are the Next Big Thing?

September 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Zogby recently conducted a survey on Tablets. The survey found that 23% of Americans would readily switch from their laptops to a tablet. Even those who don’t own an Android phone stated that they would purchase an Android based tablet; in order to raise awareness and for education purposes. One in four stated that they would switch from a laptop to a tablet for the mobility. It’s also evident that buyers are intent on being able to travel with these devices since the study also showed that 56 percent would prefer to buy a tablet at a lower cost with an accompanying data package versus a higher tablet without a data plan.

This interesting survey also showed consumers would like to see tablets integrated into everyday business use. Also, 18 percent stated creativity and innovation in the work place as being the reason for wanting to own a tablet. Another 16 percent who think it would be time saving, efficient and great for problem solving. Lastly, 14 percent would use the tablet for creativity and productivity.

It’s no wonder why tablets are working up so much hype in the media today. Android tablets are slated to steal a big piece of the pie in 2011. The question is will you be one of the many consumers waiting to get their hands on a tablet in 2011? I believe it would be very interesting to see companies utilize tablets in their daily use. What do you think? Please feel free to comment below and share your own opinions on the matter.