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Sony's Google TV offering showed up at a Best Buy event: their holiday preview in New York City.   This first out the gate HDTV is the 46 inch Sony NSX-46GT1, with Google TV integrated right in.  So what does that mean, and how is this different from any other high definition television that Sony has?  Internet search, needless to say, always there no matter what you're watching.   Plus search television listings as well as what's on the web.

We expect Sony to be showing this off many more places.  Pricing and availability are the two questions on most of our minds, and we'll be passing those along when we have them.

So, how does it work?  Can't tell you what your home setup would look like, but at Best Buy, the Sony had a USB Internet dongle (mobile broadband) connected to the HDTV's rear jack pack.  Most HDTV jack packs have HDMI and USB ports.

A Google spokesperson was on hand at Best Buy too, who explained you could surf the web via Google's Chrome browser, using the TV's remote or an Android smartphone.  (You could also use an iPhone, but why would you want to?)

Television search works like it sounds.  Type in a program name or subject, get a list of days, times and channels.  The demo used Dish Network for video content, although Google said its TV offering should work with all television providers: satellite, cable, or telephone (DSL).  The Google search feature was demoed on a second television using a prototype GoogleTV standalone box.  The search page should look familiar to you.

But no need to switch from whatever program you're watching.  You can bring up the search page in the lower right corner and not miss any content.

Sony has a Blu-Ray player with built-in Google TV ability they'll be announcing on October 12th, also in New York City.  Don't want to buy another Blu-Ray player?  Google will have a standalone box for non-GoogleTV equipped televisions, built by LogiTech.  No release date or price on the set-top box either.

Android-powered television will be here soon!

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