Samsung Will Give Priority to Android over Bada OS or Windows Phone 7

Android has officially made it. Samsung is giving it priority over Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 or even its very own Bada OS. The surge in Android's popularity, the huge app eco-system surrounding it, and the cheap price are big factors that weigh in on this decision.

Windows Phone 7 costs money to license, and it's one of the most limited modern OS's to come to market in the recent couple of years. Also it's way behind in apps, and I don't think they'll be able to catch up with Android the way Android will catch up with iPhone. They are just too late to market and they don't bring big benefits, if any, over Android.

While Bada OS doesn't cost money to license, it still costs Samsung money to develop. It also faces the same adoption problem Windows Phone 7 will face. Besides a few asian countries perhaps, I don't think most people care about Bada OS. It was a waste for Samsung to develop it from the beginning and hopefully they will kill it before it wastes even more money. Even Windows Phone 7 will be more successful, and if Samsung wants an alternative to Android they can always try Windows Phone 7 instead of Bada OS.

What do you think? Should Samsung keep Bada OS or not?

[Via Phandroid]

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