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Samsung held an event the night of the 16th Day of September to announce the expected Samsung Galaxy TAB. The TAB is an Android-based tablet. Here is just about everything the device comes with and capabilities. I has been announce that the TAB will be on all 4 of the Major US carriers which fits their marketing model of the Galaxy S devices we've seen. Currently there is only the 3G Model and Samsung has said there will be a Wi-Fi only TAB coming soon. One downfall that the TAB lacks is that the Tab will not offer voice capabilities. The European version of the device allows users to place voice calls with a speakerphone or headset, but it appears these feature were removed from the U.S. models. The price hasn't been announced nor if the various carriers will subsidize that price. The only time frame for when you can pick your TAB up has been announce is that it will be available for the HOLIDAY SEASON

With these recent developments on the US Samsung Galaxy TAB Here are the more technical features and specifications of what we know of the Galaxy TAB:



The TAB has the Android 2.2 platform with support for Google Mobile Services including Gmail, YouTubeâ„¢, Google Talk, Google Voice and access to Android Marketâ„¢, which provides access to the more than 80,000 applications. One of the many things the TAB brings that the iPad has refused is full support for Adobe Flash 10.1 that provides exceptional Web browsing, gaming and video experience which was a focus at the conference. Some other software that it has built in is a virtual QWERTY Keyboard featuring Swype Technology. Stereo Bluetooth® Technology Support for bluetooth devices. Some thing that were seen at IFA that is packaged in the TAB's System is a full suite of messaging options which allows you to access Text, picture, video and voice messaging; corporate and personal e-mail accounts that are supported.



Focussing on some of the other Hardware the TAB is encompasses is a 7-inch touchscreen Enhanced TFT display with WSVGA resolution that delivers 1024 x 600 resolution. This Tablet comes with a 4,000 mAh Battery and a 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor. The TAB is equipped with is a six-axis motion sensor and accelerometer. A rear-facing 3MP camera and camcorder that includes AutoFocus with the ability to capture DVD quality video. Along with a rear facing camera it also has a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder that can be used for video chatting that is currently Wi-Fi only. Speaking of Wi-Fi, it's Connectivity supports (802.11 b/g/n) and 3G Mobile Hotspot support.


An important factor of tablets these day are storage. The TAB comes with 2GB of internal memory with 16GB pre-installed microSDâ„¢ expandable to 32GB. For those also interested the TAB will come with their recently announced Samsung Media Hub. The Media Hub can be used on 5 different devices. You can download media content from one device to another, as long as they are on the same account. High quality audio and video will be featured in the Media Hub. Samsung hopes to have the best media on their devices at all times. If you're on 3G or WiFI you will be able to start streaming your downloading content immediately. You don't have to wait for it to download completely before you watch. Samsung also announced that they are working collaboratively with various networks like MTV, NBC, Paramount, Universal Studios, and Warner to bring the best media to the Galaxy devices. Expectingly Samsung plans on increasing the number of partners over time. You will also be able to rent, too. There was some talk that this digital storefront would be purchase only, but Samsung did confirm that you can rent content, too. No word on what, exactly, you can rent, but more information will be available in the following weeks. Also Samsung has said that it will be headed to the PC soon as well.


Premium Accessories Portfolio

To enhance the Galaxy Tab user experience even further, a set of accessories designed specifically for the mobile tablet are available for purchase from including:

Keyboard Dock – $99.99
– Ergonomic, comfortable full-size keyboard with 7″ Galaxy Tab replaceable inserts that doubles as a charger for power and synchronization of media and data
– Dock contains convenient stereo audio output jack for connecting to speakers or home stereo
Desktop Dock – $49.99
– Doubles as a Galaxy Tab charger using the Micro USB wall adapter that comes with the Tab; allows users to view movies, display as a digital picture frame and listen to music
– HDMI output to view HD content on HDTV enabled with 1080p resolution and provides HDTV connection to play content from the Galaxy Tab to a television
Car/GPS Dock – $99.99
– Conveniently positions 7″ Galaxy Tab display screen inside car for turn-by-turn GPS navigation instructions and traffic updates
– Attachable to either the windshield or car dashboard and rotates freely between landscape and portrait modes


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