Samsung Galaxy Apollo Now Available on Telus


The Apollo has landed.

Samsung's Galaxy Apollo is now available on TELUS' website for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure.  This mid-range smartphone (it's no Galaxy S) sports a multitouch 3.2 inch HVGA TFT touchscreen, GPS, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, stereo Bluetooth 3.0, a three megapixel camera with autofocus, 166 MB of internal storage and a 2 GB microSD card (expandable to 16 GB).  The phone is HSPDA enabled for faster data delivery on the cell network (3/6 megabits per second).  And it's capable of global roaming since it has quad-band GSM.


It has a fairly impressive battery for a mid-range phone as well: 1500 mAh.

As usual, the longer the contract you're willing to sign, the less the phone will cost you.  I'm a little surprised by this pricing structure, though.  Android smartphones are adding more and more features every month, but take a look at this:

  • No term – $249.99
  • 1 year term – $199.99
  • 2 year term – $149.99
  • 3 year term – $49.99

Would anyone up on the world of Android want to tie themselves to the same phone for three years, even if on a budget?  So far TELUS has six Android mobile phones to choose from.  I'd imagine there will be more exciting models coming within the next year, let alone three.


The TELUS site mentions Adobe Flash capability for this phone.  I'd like to see that on the 2.1 Android operating system that it's running.