Samsung Beam Android Smartphone Is NOT Getting Froyo

Hey Beam users, it doesn't seem like Samsung cares much about you. They've just announced that you will not be getting the Froyo update.

Of course, this is not the same time Samsung is doing this and every time they seem to have a different excuse. What's the excuse this time? They simply don't want to consume too much resources on a phone that hasn't been one of their most popular models. So they are basically saying that if you're not buying their most popular model, then you can forget about upgrading.

And it's not like you're getting upgrades for a decade if you buy the most popular one. You only get 1 upgrade, even if the phone is capable of getting OS upgrades at least 2 more years.

So they say they don't want to spend money on upgrades for less popular phones. Then how is this for an idea - ask for a fee to get the upgrade. Sure, it's not like many customers will like it, but I bet they would much rather pay an extra $10-$20 for an OS upgrade than have to buy a new phone to play with the new version.

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