RUMOR: Amazon building an Android App Store?


The rumor has been working overtime since a post at was brought to light. Amazon could very well have something huge in the works but on the same token, it could be a false alarm and be an over analyzed forum thread. The post refers to an email that a developer received from Amazon in regards to an "exciting opportunity within the mobile content space." Further examination of the email states that if this particular developer wished to know any more about the "opportunity," he would have to sign off on a non-disclosure agreement with Amazon.

Sounds pretty intense, huh? We shouldn't be putting much emphasis on that non-disclosure agreement because they are issue quite frequently for even the smallest, mundane reasons.  There is however some good talk about why it's not out of the question for Amazon to produce their own Android app store.


Chuck Falzone, a writer at, posed the question, "is it unreasonable for the Android community to think that Amazon might release an app store for Android?"

I think it is safe to say, Android-user or not, the Market could use a bit of a make-over. Some other users pointed out that a big name, like Amazon, coming into Google territory and creating such a Market would more than entice Google to change their whole approach on how they make apps available to users. Amazon definitely has the resources to make such rumor become reality.

Stay tuned for more on this over the next few weeks, I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear of Amazon in the Android app world.


We want to your opinion. This could seriously be a big move in the Android world. Do you think Amazon is just trying to improve on the Kindle/Kindle for Android? If Amazon does move forward and release a market, what do you think the next move for Google is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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