REVIEW: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G, Mold Breaker



First thoughts, hmmm, its the Evo? Well think again, this android smart phone is PACKED with features and buttons etc. It’s a Galaxy S for one, but its not like the Vibrant or Captivate, this has a keyboard and a flash as well, not to mention a dedicated camera button. It’s a whole different beast.


It looks like the Evo went in and had a secret marriage with the Galaxy S Family. Its essentially and Evo but wrapped in Samsung goodness. I really like the look of it, very bright screen, easy to use keyboard, smooth all around.



First of all, we tackle speed there is a Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110, 1 GHz inside this beast, and it shows. Then we pepper in storage with 8/16 GB (Flash Nand Memory) and it supports microSD (up to 32GB supported). The internal memory is 512MB RAM, 2GB ROM which overall is VERY impressive, its a fast device.


A giant 4.0″ pseudo WVGA Super AMOLED (0.38 Megapixels) with mDNIe is the screen etc. Its a nice BRILLIANT screen, it is amazing to look at, my editor always told me he wanted a Galaxy S for the screen, for some reason this one did it for me! It’s so awesome and bright. Just feels awesome.


The battery lasts all day it seem, I never had a problem with my twitter going and receiving emails. I have two accounts running via Gmail, two twitter accounts and two twitter programs. There is a lot going on and it still lasts the day. Good battery, I am what we call a HEAVY user in most senses of the word.

Operating System

We are rocking android 2.1 and its fully upgradeable to android 2.2 in the very near future from what I understand. I can not wait to see this speedy beast on android 2.2. Seems unbelievable in a way, something this fluid and nice already and it’s due for an upgrade? It’s like putting an upgrade on an oil slick or modifying the fastest car.


TouchWiz 3.0 is pretty sweet on this phone, its fast and fluid and does great, it has plenty of little cool things that are fun, like 3g and 4g off and on access in the pull down bar, as well as a 4G widget if needed. The android widgets are their own on TouchWiz.

Key Board

This phone has the best of both if you ask me, you get Swype pre installed and a hard keyboard as well! That’s awesome, so speedy swype and a quick hard keyboard as well. The keyboard felt pretty to use as of day 1, I like this keyboard and it feels right.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

The web is speedy when I get 3G, I have yet to really be able to experience true 4G yet, I live in Northern Utah and it isn’t always here. I want to go to the middle of a big city but just haven’t had the chance yet. However, I do like the 3G when available. The camera is great, its a 5MP it has a big lens and is able to take in more light it seems like. The video is nice as well, it’s 720p and pretty nice!

Call Quality

Great call quality and the speaker is one of the louder that I have used, no issues via Sprint for me, and like I said I live in Northern Utah, sometimes I travel up to some pretty desolate areas as well and still do decent with the calls.


  • Its Fast
  • Good Smart Phone
  • Good Camera 5mp
  • 720p Video Recording
  • Dedicated Camera Button
  • Wonderful Screen


  • Sometimes TouchWiz can be a burden rather than a blessing
  • Never got 4G really working

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

Want a Galaxy S with a keyboard? Me too! Go to Sprint and ask for an Epic 4G. It really is awesome, so many features I like and even though it’s a Galaxy S, it still feels different than the previous two that are already out. They did a good job at making them all feel like separate phones even though they are virtually the same.

Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News
Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News