Reboot your Android Phone in HALF the time!

September 30, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Improving boot time and overall performance has been a pressing matter for a lot of folks in the Android community. With the availability of custom ROMs, kernels and apps like this one, Hot Reboot, that faster reboot time is much more achievable than ever.

There are other ways to achieve boot times faster than what can be produced with Hot Reboot but they come in the form of ROMs on various devices. If you want to have access to the same speedy boot in approximately half the time without the use of a custom ROM, Hot Reboot is for you. In the video below from, we see a Droid X pinned up against the Droid 2. In this scenario the Droid X will use Hot Reboot and start at the same time as the Droid 2 which does not and will perform a full system boot. If you watch the whole clip, the Droid X significantly reduces the boot time.

As per the description in the Android Market, the app restarts “only the Android graphical shell and not the device.” Ultimately, it cleans out your memory and simply reboots the core of the Android system. A selling point for the software is the claim that you will no longer have practical use for a task killer (debatable as to whether you should have one in the first place, I vote no) or task manager, just perform a Hot Reboot and you’re golden!

I personally downloaded this app for my Samsung Moment (screenshot as seen above). If you are familiar with Sprint Android devices (or this one at least), when it first powers on you see a Sprint logo animation then it boots to Android. With Hot Reboot, my screen went black and immediately to my boot screen, skipping the entire first half of the boot process which allowed for a speedy reboot. Needless to say, I was more than impressed.

As more manufacturers and developers include quick boot style features in upcoming phones and ROMs, it really is convenient to have access to it now by way of a highly inexpensive application. I should point out that will only work on ROOTed devices. That’s the only prerequisite.

Just scan the QR code below or search “Hot Reboot” in the Android Market.

Are you willing to trade in your task killer for something a little more useful like Hot Reboot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.