Project Emerald Revealed as the MyTouch HD??

September 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

There are many mysterious handset in from of us waiting to be uncovered.  Many aren’t as interested in the T-Mobile G2 or a device called HD7, but maybe these two words will spark an expression on your face; “Project Emerald.” The MyTouch HD has been rumored to be “Emerald” are you interested? We have discovered through the long grapevine that the release date for the next phone in the MyTouch lineup will drop November 3rd at the various T-Mobile store. The roadmap that most people follow  states that the Emerald is dropping November 5th, then again it could be a 3, its blurry as can be in this picture. All things considered, project emerald was rumored to be dual-cored, however I highly doubt this MyTouch will be dual-core, when the previous MyTouch Slide wasn’t even 1 GHz. My predictions of this device is that it will have an HD screen with a 1 GHz processor. It may be project emerald or not, but only time will tell. November isn’t that far off. Besides if the G2 doesn’t live up to the shoes it’s expecting to fill, you won’t have That long to wait for the MyTouch HD.