No More Mobiles this year re: SONY “PSP Phone”

September 14, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
Peter Dille, Sony

The infamously rumored “PSP Phone” that might be coming from the Sony Ericsson banner has been shot down. Sorry Gamers: Sony Computer Entertainment America’s marketing personnel Peter Dille was asked about the momentum of  Sony’s enjoyed gaming business this year and whether or not that that momentum would continue with any mobile launches. With all the responses the public was getting ready for, his simple response was, “No new mobile launches this year.”

In order to give some hope to the gaming community out there, there may still be a little hope left. The question itself didn’t mention mobile phones specifically, but the word “handheld” is usually used in the context of gaming when speaking about a portable device.

So maybe we will see something this year for the holiday from SONY. Only time will tell.