Nexus One Causes Lawsuit For Google!!!

September 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

I know that Google’s lawyers are definitely overworked. The is yet another lawsuit aimed at Google. This time Google is being pulled into court to concerning a class action lawsuit that states “Google breached their contract between them and their customers.” Nathan Nabors a resident of Florida is the man leading the charge as he feels Google misled buyers on the features of the Nexus One. He states that some of the features failed to maintain 3G connectivity and felt that they failed to provide an adequate amount support throughout the time they were selling the device. This would seem to depend to be plausible if that if there is a  law for a statute of limitations on time a company has to provide support. The lawsuit looks to cover anyone from Florida and California that purchased the Nexus One through Google. T-Mobile and HTC were not listed as defendants even though the hardware (HTC) and the network (T-Mobile) both make up significant pieces in the puzzle that still has yet to be solved with the Nexus One’s apparent 3G issue (which HTC admitted was an issue, though they never committed to providing a fix). Google has been reached for comment by the breaker of the story, but nothing has been said yet on the issue. Once we learn more, we’ll let you know.