Logitech Will Ship 500,000 Google TV Top-Boxes by the 2K11

September 30, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

While there are not any concrete information on a specific release date of this Logitech hardware, Logitech has big plans for their Revue Google TV box. The set-top Android device should hit shelves just in time for the holiday season, and the company and its partners are hoping Google TV will be the must-have gift that will sell out. Logitech has so much faith in the Revue, that they are gearing up to move 500 thousand units from factory to store before 2010 leaves us for good. There are even some rumors that some of the shipments of the devices already making their way from Taiwan to the US in anticipation of an early October release.

Now keep in mind shipping forecasts don’t necessarily mean sales forecasts. Logitech sure hopes 500 thousand households want a Google TV box this year, but a key factor in this device that Logitech may be overlooking; it won’t be the only device to get Google TV. There are Sony televisions and Dish Network boxes for that as well. So even if GTV is a huge success it won’t be all on Logitech’s supply chain to provide the units. The Revue does however come across as the most logical choice for those who aren’t planning to buy a new HDTV any time soon and prefer not to be subscribed to Dish Network. I, for one, call dibs on one of those 500 thousand Revue boxes though. It is all up to a decent price point and availability now.