LG CEO claims their Android Tablet isn’t “A Large Smartphone”

September 16, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

LG’s VP of Marketing is Chang Ma and he has put some serious pressure towards his company when he had a talk with the Wall Street Journal.  He basically stated that the upcoming LG tablet would be “better than the iPad.” When they asked  LG’s President and CEO Dr. Skott Ahn, about the still-in-development Android tablet, he  was cautious and not clear as to when his company would be able to back up those very bold words.

LG hosted a digital press conference today for the unveiling of its Optimus One and Optimus Chic line of Android phones. However, one of the questions most on people’s mind was Optimus Pad that LG is developing to rival the iPad. LG has not offered a solid release window beyond Q4 of this year, but the wait is by design. They basically said:

“We do not want to introduce a large smartphone,” Ahn said during a Q&A session. “We will introduce the best in market tablet that will stand among the best existing products, especially among hardware and software.

LG realizes that Android will become the dominant [operating system] in the mobile space. In that regard, process speed and stability must be the main differentiator. LG is committed to becoming the leader in speed and accuracy…They seem to be very confident that they will deliver the best product. Time will tell… Hopefully that time will be soon.