Leak: Samsung Fascinate has Long Known Bugs List



Every device with a CPU has some sort of bug list.  Usually that list stays inside the company that built or sells the things.  But: leaks happen.  It's just, this list is something to behold.  Maybe this is why Verizon was so tight-lipped about why the Samsung Fascinate launched later than the other 3 Galaxy S models for the US, and when they would finally let anyone buy one.


Some lowlights from the log:

  • GPS delay is abnormally long, and doesn't work well with either Google or Bing Maps. GPS problems exist on all the Galaxy S family.
  • Press Search during a phone call, say bye-bye to that connection.
  • You can't change the calendar notification.  That's it.  Finito.
  • Only 5 seconds of backlighting on the four bottom keys, independent of screen backlight time setting.  At least on the Epic 4G the buttons tied to keyboard backlighting.  Oh yeah, none of the other Galaxy S variants have a keyboard.
  • If you're on a call and get another, Caller ID correctly shows the incoming number.  But when you answer it the screen goes blank until you hang up.
  • Make a call with Bluetooth, if your backlight times out then you have to unlock the screen to disconnect call.
  • Deleting email?  It won't tell you so you think it's locked up.  It's actually deleting your mail like you asked.
  • Using the WiFi hotspot option?  The phone won't tell you which devices are connected.  It also won't hide the hotspot password.
  • Want an acknowledgement your message was delivered?  Not possible.  Other not possible messaging issues: You can't preview an MMS, use the Call Back option in SMS, set a message Priority, re-send a message, or message a V-Card.

Do you know what all these bugs have in common?  There is no known workaround. And there are plenty more of them. Plus there are plenty of bugs with workarounds that interfere with the "user experience."

Sources: Boy Genius Report (complete bug list), Engadget, MobileCrunch