T-Mobile Leak: Two Dual Processor Android Phones and More on the way!


Get a load of this leaked inventory list from T-Mobile.  Lots of new Android phones on the way.  The list is for phone accessories, not the phones themselves, but if T-Mobile is putting the accessories into inventory, then there is a phone associated with the gel cases and the screen covers.  And the dates, while for the accessories, ought to tally fairly close to the devices' actual availability dates.

Many of these devices line up with that leaked T-Mobile roadmap.  Here's what the inventory list above has in the Android department:

  • LG OPTIMUS T —  We just recently announced first dual-core processor with NVIDIA and Tegra 2 for LG's Optimus line, that will coming T-Mobile that is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2.However T-Mobile does have The MyTouch HD dual processor almost ready to be released as well that we got a early look at this week.It will be race between the MyTouch HD and Optimus T to be the first first dual processor Android Smartphone to hit the market.This certainly is going to be T-Mobile's month to shine with the release of both of the phones in November.
  • Next up HTC G2… already announced, and going to launch near end of this month per all the rumors.  That fits with the accessory on hand end of September.
  • Last Android device is the MOTO BEGONIA.  There isn't much on this Motorola offering, and the only mentions of it go back to the leaked T-Mobile roadmap.

So, plenty of Android Dual Processor Power and other devices coming up this next quarter at T-Mobile!

Source: TmoNews (including image)