Is Samsung Galaxy Tab Going to Cost $1000? No way!

September 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

There’s a rumor that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is going to cost between 699 and 799 euro, depending on storage (16 or 32 GB), which is about $900-$1000. Given the specs of Galaxy Tab, which, although good, don’t seem too special, I don’t see why a 7″ LCD (not Super AMOLED as rumored before) tablet would cost that much.

You could simply compare it to a phone and you’d see that the specs are about the same. Sure it has a higher resolution, a bigger battery, and BT 3.0 but it also has only a 3 MP back-camera, with the rest of the specs being in line with what you see in your latest smartphones. I don’t think those little extras cost that much more to put a price that is double of what an unlocked high-end smartphone costs.

Here’s another screenshot from an online retail store in UK that shows an even more expensive Galaxy Tab at 679 pounds – that’s like $1050 for the 16 GB version. I’m starting to believe this has started because of some sort of pre-order scam:

Before we get too hysterical about this I say let’s wait until Samsung admits or dismisses the price. Hopefully they will dismiss it, because pricing their smaller tablet higher than iPad will be a much bigger mistake than they can expect. They’ll be lucky if 20% of the people that were going to buy it will still get one.

[Via Phandroid]