HTC Incredible Gets SLCD at End of the Month

September 13, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Fans of AMOLED, if you want an HTC Incredible from Verizon, you may want to get it ASAP, because at the end of the month there will be no more Incredible’s with AMOLED – only Super LCD. After heavy shortages of the AMOLED display from Samsung, HTC had to make a decision and deal with it and they decided to use Sony’s new LCD technology (the best one out there according to them) that is supposedly several times more energy efficient than a normal LCD.

Samsung will soon have their own SLCD competing technology called Super TFT, but we don’t know that much about that yet. Samsung is also supposed to have their second generation Super AMOLED displays ready next year, which should maintain Samsung as the leader in display technology.

HTC’s decision to switch to SLCD may disappoint those who prefered AMOLED over LCD technolohy, but make happy those of you who didn’t like AMOLED much (mostly because of the sunlight problem).

Do you think HTC made the right decision?

[Via AndroidCommunity]