HTC Desire is Out of Stock for TELUS

September 7, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Canadians must’ve really wanted some good Android phones for a while now because after just one month of its launch, HTC Desire is already out of stock.

The carriers in Canada have sold cheap phones for so long and for longer than usual contracts, compared to the rest of the world, that they’ve gotten used to depriving their customers of good high end phones that would need a higher subsidy from them. It’s much more profitable for them to subsidize a cheap phone, that they can then even offer for free with a long 3 year contract.

HTC was one of the very first high-end smartphone maker to bring its smartphones to Canada, so when they finally launched their popular HTC Desire, many Canadians got it instantly, because it’s not something you see everyday in Canada.

I’m sure that things are starting to look up for Canada now, and there will be a lot more high-end Android smartphones coming their way soon.

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