HTC Desire HD Gets the Hands-On Treatment


This post is very similar to the HTC Desire Z hands-on post.  This happens when HTC decides to announce two really cool devices on the same day.  The hands-on pics are and videos are from different people.

You may have heard the big news from HTC today. They officially announced the Desire Z and the Desire HD with specs. We have been hearing about both of them for months now, but finally they are real.

It looks like the Desire HD is meant as a media consumption device and the Desire Z is more of a business device. This would be like the N and C series in Nokia (was that a dated reference?). At any rate, the Desire HD has a big 4.3 inch display and 8 MP camera with dual-led flash.


That camera has a larger image sensor, allowing more light per pixel.  There is also a better camera interface that allows you to add effects right from the camera.

One thing we have come to love from HTC's high-end devices is how sturdy the construction is. There is no change with the Desire HD.  There is a gorgeous unibody design that has some heft to it, much like the HTC Legend.  It is as though the Desire (or Nexus One) met the Evo, and the best parts were pulled from both.

The new version of Sense has a few cool features, including the ability to change the order of your home screens using the expos©-like helicopter view. Some other tweaks include easier to use widgets, and a car-mode that is more intuitive. Further, you can log in to, and find your lost phone, text or call it, or even wipe the data remotely. You can also browse your text message history, upload media to the site and it will link with your phone, and you can preload the phone with map data using HTC Locations so that you don't need to pull down maps from the network while you are on the go.


Of note, this phone comes running 2.2 with a 1 GHz second-generation Snapdragon processor, with a new GPU, and 768 MB RAM.  In other words, it is blazing fast.  This is the phone to beat.

Check out the video and pics from intomobile, below.