Honeycomb Android 3.5 and More Samsung Tabs On The Way!!!

September 3, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Today, at IFA, Samsung executives have told us one of the things that what we wanted to hear that previous rumors told us. Honeycomb is the next desert of Android greatness. Samsung basically snitched on Google’s next  next OS name: Honeycomb (also known as Android 3.5). No features or specific details were given about Android 3.5 other than its codename and the main thing. Unfortunately though it wasn’t specifically stated and it seems as though the models they are referring to are not due in the near-future. Also executives reiterated they are laser-focused on the Galaxy Tab’s eminent release (which will get Android 3.0 when it is released from, in case you were interested in that piece of information as well). The tab is definitely a step in the right direction for Android and Android tablets in that matter. Definitely something to put on a wish list. Hopefully it set the standard and the upcoming Android tablet devices will at least meet if not succeed those expectations set of the Galaxy Tab.